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Teeth Whitening


Your dentist can whiten teeth dramatically using various forms of whitening techniques. One form, carbamide peroxide, is most often used in the form of a gel, and placed into a special tray that is custom-fitted to your teeth. The tray is usually worn in the mouth overnight for ten days. When in contact with the teeth, the carbamide peroxide releases oxygen that releases the stain on your teeth. This process is safe and effective with only a few temporary side effects. This treatment can be applied at home under periodic supervision by your dentist.

Dentist-Assisted Bleaching utilizes highly concentrated carbamide peroxide that is brushed directly onto the teeth. The high concentrations of peroxide can cause irritation to the surrounding gum tissue and should only be applied by a professional. Most often, this procedure is performed on three to four visits which are determined by the final effect you wish to achieve. Power Bleaching utilizes highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide in a carefully applied solution. A light source is used to activate or accelerate the whitening process. This treatment creates the most dramatic results and is used for people with severe discoloration. Treatments can last seven to ten years, depending on your habits. Ask your dentist to evaluate your smile and decide which treatment is best for you!

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